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12 Heritage

Tiling Mistakes


There’s a lot of information about heritage tiles out there. What they are, how much to pay, what wall tiles to pair with them, how to lay them, how to clean them… the list goes on. This is the last piece of information you’ll ever need to read before you renovate. You’re welcome.


Dear home renovator, 

If you’re looking for the smartest way to go about tiling your period home without the common mistakes that result in thousands of dollars down the drain and a renovation gone wrong…

Then this is the best information you’ll ever read. 

Here’s why…

Look, everybody knows it…

Heritage tiles are the quintessential way to honour an Australian period home, be it a Federation, Victorian, Californian Bungalow, Art Deco or Edwardian dwelling.

How do we know? 

Well, for starters, we were the first company in Australia to revive the lost art of tessellated tiles & tiling back in 1982. 

We’ve restored everything from prestigious heritage buildings such as the QVB, Parliament of Victoria and Kirribilli House to National Trust treasures and period homes across Sydney and Melbourne.  

Let me guess…

You’ve looked at a number of websites. 

Made a few enquiries. 

Spoken to a few salespeople. 

And still feel overwhelmed about the prospect of choosing tiles for your period home?

Well listen, if you’re ready to get on with your tiling renovation…

And you truly want the job done right the first time…

Then i have good news. 

We’ve just put together a brand new FREE report that reveals..

The 12 heritage tile mistakes to avoid at all costs when renovating your period home.

We’re talking about the mistakes that we witnessed tons of renovators make AHEAD of hiring us to fix poor tiling work from companies that quoted less for the job. 

Mistakes that added months to their renovation completion date.

And resulted in us having to relay the tiles ALL OVER AGAIN. 

Nightmare, i tell you!

And here’s the thing…

These mistakes would have been avoided all together if these renovators had done the smart thing and done business with us in the first place. 

Renovating a period home is fraught with unique problems. 

One needs to find a practical balance between the aesthetics of the 19th & 21st centuries by preserving those elements that work, and editing out or reimagining those things that don’t. 

If you understand what the rules are, you will know how to bend or break them to achieve the best results, and how to avoid costly mistakes. 

Let us share our decades of experience and knowledge with you to help you avoid the mistakes and achieve the very best result.

All for free too! Just enter your details below and hit the “download button”...

And this PDF report will be sent straight to your inbox.

It’s a fast, easy to read report packed with all the information you need to bring your dream renovation to life, without all the tiling mistakes that add time, cost and frustration.

So go ahead, get your hands on the information we’ve spent decades finessing and has cost others thousands to figure out the hard way.

T E S T I M O N I A L S  

Speaking from the heart. 


  • How to choose the right wall and floor tiles for your style of home without being an expert in heritage design 

  • How to choose the right wall and floor tiles for the size and shape of your space 

  • How to introduce your own personal style when renovating a period home

  • How to discern the distinction between different tessellated tiles on the market 

  • All tilers can install tessellated floor tiles? Wrong! Discover why the quality of your install is as important as the integrity of your tiles 

  • Learn the critical components of a balanced and beautiful tessellated floor

And much, much more!


Well firstly, we were the first to pioneer the tessellated tile industry over 50 years ago. That’s right - we revived a craft trade that had been dead for over half a century.

Olde English Tiles Founder Antonino Gaudioso laying a tessellated floor in 1975 

Our founder Antonino Gaudioso has proudly grown Olde English Tiles from a one man band to small team operating a showroom and factory in both Sydney and Melbourne. And guess what? He’s still on the tools today!

Olde English Tiles founder Antonino Gaudioso with sons Steven and Domenic Gaudioso, who also work in the business.

Our knowledge and vast experience of tile design and installation has been called upon by the National Trust, local governments, leading Australian designers and possibly your next door neighbour.

Tile production is a craft trade in our eyes, which is why we continue to prepare tiles by hand in our Sydney and Melbourne factories.

We make tessellated patterns to order and hand glaze subway tiles and wall accessories in an array of authentic heritage colours. 

We also produce beautiful encaustics and custom make mosaic patterns, a unique luxury afforded to us through operating a local factory.

Statement worthy. The Glasgow tessellated pattern in shades of green is the main feature in this bathroom.

Outdoor friendly. Tessellated tiles have been used on verandahs and paths in Australia for centuries.

We’ve revived thousands of Victorian terraces, Federation homes & Art Deco apartment blocks over the years. 


Most importantly, we’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about restoring old homes to their former glory - something we use to help our customers choose the right tiles for their renovation project.

All styles and eras in Australian architecture

Thousands of period home owners have entrusted us over the years

There’s nothing more disappointing to us than a heritage tiling renovation gone wrong. 

Which is why we’ve listed out all the costly mistakes that can happen if you don’t do your research ahead of renovating.

 Lucky for you it’s all compiled into one neat little report.   

Just click the link below to get your hands on the tips that will save you precious time, energy and money when it comes to choosing and installing tiles in your period home.